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Dear Friends! We offer this weekend to go to the Naval Cathedral in Kronstadt - this is one of the main attractions of the city. The grandiose building is a unique monument to heroism and courage of Russian sailors. In the temple there are memorial plaques with the names of those who gave their lives, protecting the Fatherland on the sea. We offer a family trip on a minivan with a driver Mercedes VITO or Mercedes VIANO for 5-7 people. Call us by phone +7 (981) 700-86-00 and book a car with a driver in the city of St. Petersburg.

Dear Friends! Urgent message. Only once a year can you easily get into Gatchina Park at night. Guests of the festival are waiting for amazing light metamorphosis and incredible characters walking along the alleys. Welcome to the world of dreams! The festival "Night of Light in Gatchina" marks this year the first five-year anniversary. Every year for visitors a unique show is prepared, on which designers, architects and professional lighting artists work. Use the service of renting a minibus with a driver and send to this night journey. Rent a minibus Mercedes Sprinter for 19 seats with air conditioning and personal driver. Call us by phone 8 981 700 86 00 and book a minibus with a driver in the city of St. Petersburg.

On the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland there are the magnificent city of Peterhof - one of the most interesting suburbs of St. Petersburg. The artistic image of the city is formed with the participation of great masters and architects. If you have not had time to visit this beautiful place, you can do it with us. The fountains of Peterhof are considered masterpieces of the 18th century. Hurry up!

Dear friends! Our city is full of activities! Not yet had time to get away from the Scarlet Sails, and even today, according to the tradition that has developed not long ago, the social network "VKontakte" expands its boundaries and goes beyond the network, gathering friends for a large-scale festival. This summer will not be an exception - the bright and unforgettable VK Fest will again take place in St. Petersburg on July 28-29. On the territory of the park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg hundreds of sites with various entertainments will open. Guests of the grandiose summer holiday are waiting for performances of stars, meetings with celebrities, master classes, installations, games and show programs. The symbol of the holiday this year will be Dog Diggie. It will decorate the central alley of the park on the days of VK Fest.

Dear Friends! In this summer, events are held in our city every weekend! This weekend is no exception! July 21 and 22, 2018 in St. Petersburg for the sixth time will be a big summer festival "Oh, yes! Food! "In the Seaside Victory Park (metro station" Krestovsky Island "). Every year "Oh, yes! Food » unites guests who try a unique festival menu, participate in master classes of famous chefs, cheer their favorites in culinary matches, cook themselves under the guidance of professionals, and listen to cool music and have a great time with family or friends - and all this under the open sky!

Friends! One of the main attractions of St. Petersburg is the Hermitage!

The Hermitage is one of the most interesting museums in St. Petersburg. It occupies six buildings. The largest and the most important building designed by Rastrelli is the Winter Palace. The St. Petersburger Hermitage has 365 rooms and more than 2.7 million various exhibits. It is the largest art museum in our country and one of the most famous art museums in the whole world. Rent a car with a driver and go on an excursion.

Friends! How good it is to have a holiday in the city! The World Cup is a huge event for all cities of the world. For two weeks now we have received guests and teams in our city. A wonderful holiday atmosphere reigns every day! Our football team still keeps the defense and we are in the 1/8 finals! I want to wish Russia good luck in the upcoming match between Spain and Russia!

Friends! All-Russian graduates' ball "Scarlet Sails 2018" will be held in St. Petersburg on the night of 23 to 24 June. The holiday, timed to the last bell, is annually held during the white nights and has long been one of the most colorful events in Russia. For the first time "Scarlet Sails" were held in Leningrad in 1968. Then 25 thousand graduates of Soviet schools and technical schools gathered for the holiday. However, in 2017 there were already 2 million people at the festival. Organizers have prepared many surprises. And here you can always rent a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibus with a personal driver and visit this night wherever you celebrate this holiday. So, below you can see the program of the event "Scarlet Sails-2018" on June 23ed:

Friends! June 14 kicked off the World Cup 2018! Our country for the first time in history accepts FIFA 2018 in Russia. The championship is scheduled for 12 stadiums in 11 cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg, Saransk and Sochi. In the final tournament of the World Cup in 2018 will take part 8 groups of 4 teams - a total of 32. The Russian team - the first team that went to the final stage of the tournament - as an organizer.

Friends! Very soon in our country will be the Day of Russia and of course, we are waiting for a long weekend! That cannot but rejoice! Quickly plan a trip for the city to rest. Call us at +7 (981) 700-86-00 and order cars with a driver! In our company you can rent minibuses, minivans, buses and cars of any class! For a large company, the Mercedes Sprinter is perfect. Our fleet is constantly updated and waiting for its customers!

The first day of summer has come! We remind you that our company Goto-Russia has a whole fleet of cars, minibuses and buses. And we are always happy to provide you with the necessary transport for your event. Here you can rent Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes Viano, Mercedes V-class, bus Higer, Yutong with driver. If you have any questions, our staff will be happy to help you find the right one for you. We accept applications by phone +7 (981)-700-86-00 or at

Dear guests and residents of our city!

This year St. Petersburg especially pleases us with warm and sunny days. We suggest these to take advantage of and go on a weekend on a small trip. All you need is to rent our beautiful minivans with a driver and a great company. Book minibuses Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes Vito, Mercedes V-class with the driver by phone 8 981 700 86 00 or send an application to us at All transport is air-conditioned, which is very important in this hot month of May!

Dear guests of our city!
The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2018 will be held on May 24-26 in the territory of the Expoforum Exhibition and Convention Center, which is located in St. Petersburg. Our company is the leader in supporting such events, we offer cars with drivers economy, business and executive class, Mercedes E-class, Mercedes S-class, Mercedes-Maybach. You can also rent a Mercedes Vito or Mercedes V-class for 7 seats. To book a car with a driver, you can call +7 (981) 700-86-00 or send an e-mail to

Dear residents and guests of the city of St. Petersburg!

Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the workers of the rear!

Accept the most sincere congratulations on the Great Victory Day!

May 9 - this is a sacred date for every Russian. This day we call a holiday with tears in our eyes, which is why we remember those who have devoted their lives for the freedom and independence of our Motherland.

Dear veterans! You went through terrible trials, overcome fire and death, saved our future in which we now live. We are in a no-charge in front of you, low for you for a great move!

We replenish the car park! We hasten to please you a novelty in our numerous parks, four new and most modern bus Yutong to 53 seats in 2018. Buses are equipped with seat belts, air conditioning system, microphone. In the literal sense, an ideal, a dream that will certainly become the highlight of your event! Hurry to order something that was not yet at the wedding of your friends than can not boast of your business partners, organizing excursions for your colleagues or clients! Buses are already available for booking. Call us by phone 8 981 700 86 00 or send your order to Do not pull, there are not so many buses in our park, book at important dates for you!

In our park replenishment - we have 2 new Mercedes V-class 2018, extra long, black color, capacity 5 + 1 + 1, comfortable leather interior with the possibility to increase the distance between the seats, automatic door, the ability to turn the seats to each other , the ability to use a table, air conditioning, a microphone! Perfectly suitable for any event: wedding, family visit, romantic trip, corporate, business travel. Cars are available for booking today! You can order Mercedes V-class by phone +7 981 700 86 00 or by email

Dear colleagues!

It's time for corporate parties and if you have not already booked a minibus with a driver, then you have a great chance! Rent a minibus Mercedes Sprinter for 19 cars or a minivan Mercedes Vito or a Mercedes Viano for 7 cars, this transport is perfect for any event. And when ordering three minibuses, our company makes a discount! Call us at +7 (981) 700-86-00 or send us an e-mail to

In the approximation of the mystical holiday of the year, we offer the services of rent a minibus with a driver! In our company you can rent a minivan Mercedes Sprinter for 19 seats or Mercedes Viano / Vito for 7 seats. All you need is to call us at +7 (981) 700-86-00 and our managers will quickly calculate your application.

Dear Sirs/Madam! We are happy to present you with our special offer for the forthcoming annual Assembly for Inter-Parlament Union that will be held in St. Petersburg from October 14th till 18th, 2017. GOTO-RUSSIA group of companies is a transfer operator and has been servicing variety of transportation needs since 2000. During this time we has gained exemplary reputation as reliable provider of excellent service. The company operates  more than 150 vehicles of various classes, including the largest fleet of business and executive class cars in Saint Petersburg. 

Autumn - a unique time! Especially in St. Petersburg! More than once she inspired many great poets and artists to create beautiful works. . If you are going to travel a small company and are afraid of bad weather, you can order a minivan Mercedes Vito or Mercedes Viano and enjoy the autumn colors inside the comfortable minivan or minibus Mercedes Sprinter.

Dear newlyweds, residents and guests of the city of St. Petersburg!

At the end wedding season in the Company Goto-Russia starts the crazy sales season for white cars with a driver. Take a rent car Mercedes E-class, Mercedes S-class, Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes GL or Audi A8 white colors and get discount 50% from cost. Booking a car with driver by number +7 (981) 700-86-00 or send your order by email

If you came to us in St. Petersburg, then you've already heard about all the sights, activities and drawbridges. Our company offers to use the service of renting a minivan Mercedes Vito or Mercedes Viano with a driver and you can easily travel to our city. Our driver will pick you up at the hotel or in any convenient place and after your walk will take you back, even at night. And for the residents of St. Petersburg

Hurry up to rent a minibus with a driver Mercedes Sprinter for 16 or 19 places. In the company Goto-Russia you can book transport by phone +7 981 700 86 00 or poison the application for e-mail

With the company Goto-Russia can be easily and simply to spend the weekend. Summer is returning to St. Petersburg, and this weekend promises to be hot. Rent a minibus with a driver Mercedes Sprinter for 16 or 19 places. To make an order is very easy, just call us on +7 981 700 86 00 and order a car rental service in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

Hurry to order vehicles with driver, September 1, tomorrow! To quickly and comfortably get to the school, rent a minivan with a driver. Mercedes Vito is perfect for this event and you do not have to worry about where to put the bouquet or park your car!

Now it became even easier to rest ... Rent a minibus with a driver Mercedes Sprinter for 16-19 seats or minivans Mercedes VIANO, or Mercedes VITO. In the Goto-Russia company you can book cars with a driver by phone +7 (981) -700-86-00 or send an application to e-mail If you first came to the Northern capital, you should definitely go on a boat trip around St. Petersburg, as We did. This amazing trip will leave unforgettable memories of this summer!

Residents and guests of our city will be able to visit the bright festival "Night of Light in Gatchina", which will be held for the fourth time. August 12 in Gatchina ancient park will light up the term of various installations. The main theme of the performance is the world of dreams, so guests of the "Night of Light" should expect incredible visual metamorphosis. The main event "Nights of Light" is a multimedia performance that will take place on the waters of the White Lake. For all tourists, we offer to rent a minibus Mercedes Sprinter for 16-19 seats.

Dear newlyweds! We have great news!

The wedding season is in full swing and we have a new admission of jewelry for cars. In our company, you can rent wonderful white cars accompanied by experienced drivers. Rent a Mercedes E-class, Mercedes S-class, Mercedes GL, Audi A8. Especially when ordering two cars, we make a discount and decoration as a gift!

A grandiose holiday is approaching in our city! Day of the Navy! Hurry up to rent a minivan with driver Mercedes Sprinter for 16-19 seats. They are perfect for traveling around the whole concert program, shows and shows that the sailors have prepared for us! This holiday will be celebrated both in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region this weekend.

Navy Day in 2017 is a jubilee, and it will be celebrated for the 320th time - that is how much time passed in the victory of Peter the Great in the battle on the Azov Sea. This was the beginning of the transfer of the capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

Great news for this weekend! For the second time on July 15 and 16, VK Fest will be held in St. Petersburg. The open-air festival in St. Petersburg will bring together users, communities and social network stars. Almost the whole of Russia came to the festival in the park of the 300th anniversary last year. On the Internet there were hundreds of reviews and enthusiastic responses. This time the organizers waved even wider and promised to please the guests with new entertainments and star names. Rather, call us at +7 (981) 700-86-00 and book cars with drivers. For such a trip, the minivan Mercedes Sprinter is perfect for 19 seats.

If your hart start to way, that your rest is still far, make a mini-tour, which will no more than two days. Believe me, to get impressions and relax, you need very little! Take a group of friends and go to the mini-tour. Learn more about the history of Pskov and Veliky Novgorod, enjoy the unique nature of Karelia, admire the palaces and parks of the suburbs of St. Petersburg. In our company you can rent minivans with a driver Mercedes VIANO or Mercedes VITO for 4-7 seats. The minivan Mercedes VITO is perfect for traveling around the city and beyond!

Every year in our city held a grand event. June 23, 2017 in St. Petersburg will be a traditional holiday of graduates "Scarlet Sails". All-Russian graduates' ball is held annually during the white nights and timed to the last bell for all St. Petersburg graduates.

In our company you can rent a minibus with a driver. Mercedes Sprinter, perfectly suited for such an event. Convenient, comfortable minibus for 16-19 places great solution around the city during the day and night! Call us +7 (981) 700-86-00 or send an e-mail to

A bit about the holiday is a grand concert on Palace Square and a unique spectacle on the water, which includes a multimedia presentation, the appearance of an old brigantine under scarlet sails and fireworks.

Dear guests and residents of St. Petersburg!

In our city this week begins to host a grand event of Confederations Cup 2017! This is the eighth football tournament among national teams, held under the auspices of FIFA, which is to be held from June 17 to July 2, 2017 in Russia. It is considered as a "rehearsal" tournament before the World Cup, which will be held in 2018. The tournament will be played at the stadium, which will be later and World Cup matches. In our city is St. Petersburg Arena, located on the site of the stadium named after S. M. Kirova. The construction of the stadium began in 2007 and stretched for 10 years. It has become one of the most expensive football stadiums in the world! Goto-Russia company offers to rent vehicles with a driver! For a trip to a football match, a minibus Mercedes Sprinter for 16-19 seats or Mercedes Sprinter LUX for 19 seats is perfect. All you have to do is call us at +7 (981) 700-86-00 and order a minibus with a driver, also can send us an e-mail

And again we have good news! Replenishment in our park! We have a new bus HIGER 2017 for 55 seats. I would not like to brag, but this bus is a real tourist transport. The HIGER is much more comfortable for passengers than for domestic buses. The comfort of our passengers is ensured by a large spacious cabin and a comfortable landing-disembarkation from the bus. Built-in air conditioning will provide comfort to every passenger during the trip, even in conditions of extreme heat. The safety of passengers for us is in the first place. The Higer 2017 buses are equipped with a pneumatic suspension, which ensures a smooth ride, and, therefore, there will be no sharp jerks and braking. In a word, not a bus, but a dream!

We have great news! In our replenishment park, 3 absolutely new tourist bus Yutong 2017 for 53 seats. This buses are tourist class, the interior of the cabin is made in a pleasant gray-blue range. Armchairs are soft, comfortable, with adjustable backrest and seat belts. Inside, there is general lighting and individual luminaires on the passenger seat, blocks for individual ventilation, also located above the seating area. The luggage racks are roomy, separated for ease of use by partitions. In the cabin during transportation, the optimum temperature is maintained at any time of the year. The bus is equipped with a microphone for excursions. On both sides the bus has roomy luggage compartments.

Dear guests and residents of St. Petersburg!

One of the most anticipated holidays of the city this year coincided with the weekend, its 314th city on the Neva will celebrate this Saturday on May 27. Traditionally there will be mass festivities, a concert on the Palace Square and, of course, a firework. The main public areas of folk festivals in St. Petersburg will be Nevsky Prospekt, Ostrovsky Square and Palace Square. Many streets and squares of the city will be closed, so we suggest renting out cars with a driver. At the Goto-Russia, you can rent a Mercedes Viano or Mercedes Vito minivan, which is perfect for a small company and a family of 5-7 people. Our experienced drivers know how to quickly get around all traffic jams of our city.

Soon in our city will be the next international economic forum. St. Petersburg is come one of the favorite venues for events of this level.  During the forum in our city will bring together representatives of different countries.

In order to create favorable conditions for the event , it is necessary to organize the transport service at the highest level . Goto-russia is ready to lease vehicles with a driver of different level and class. For delegations this is Mercedes Vito or Mercedes Sprinter. There are cars of representative and business class Mercedes E-class, Mercedes S-class, Audi A8, and a brand-new Mercedes-Maybach.

Here comes the long-awaited month of May, the beginning of which all the inhabitants of Russia are waiting for. It's time for walks, holidays and departure to nature. But the weather this year is not May, the winter does not want to retreat! How not to freeze in May? Easy! We collect a company of 4-7 people and call us at +7 (981) -700-8600 and book a transport with a driver, for example, a Mercedes VIANO or Mercedes VITO minivan. And we go for a walk around the museums of St. Petersburg. Which museum? Yes, in any, because on May 18 will be an open day, and the entrance to any museum will be absolutely free.

With all my soul in this bright day

I want congratulate all those

Who’re still alive through wars today

Whose links with our lives are close.


I mean those people who protected

New lives from wiping off the Earth

Those people who rejected

Our enemies’ efforts to end the Russian’s birth.


So much of them were killed those days

But they’re alive in our memory.

And we today have all our grace

Due to the soldiers that continued our story.

Nature wakes up,
In the light of sunny land.
Oh, what a season!
From the 1st of May you, friends!
Will the warm weather let the weather
In your home all year round.
Let the adversity pass,
And always in all luck!

Hello to all residents and guests of city Saint-Petersburg! Tomorrow, at 22 April in our city in the third time will going the light show of this size. The place where was going show is the stadium “St. Petersburg Arena” at 21:30. 3D-show going with using various techniques and modern technologies, musical accompaniment will be during the whole show. In our company You can take to rent new minivans with the personal driver. So, if you going with family on Saturday evening walk, call us urgently by phone +7 981 700 86 00 and we glad give you minivan Mercedes VITO or Mercedes VIANO anywhere in the city. Minivans for 4 to 7 pax. They are perfect for families as well as business trips. You can send you order on our email

Happy Easter

We hasten to congratulate you,

To the house and soul

We managed to fix everything.

Let the house shine with purity,

The soul by holy faith,

Let your family come to rest

Together with the dawn of the first.

Let the resurrection of Christ

Fill the soul with light,

Blessing of Heaven

Let us be the answer!

So, dear Petersburgers and guests of our city! From April 1 to July 2 in the Museum of Faberge will be an exhibition of paintings and graphic works of Salvador Dali. About 150 works by the maestro are represented at the exhibition. According to the exhibits, the viewer will be able to follow Dali's creative path from the 1930s to the 1980s. Also, the exhibition will feature landscapes created between 1934 and 1937. The pearl of this collection will be "Landscape with mysterious elements", recently bought from a private collection. The audience will also see a cycle of hundreds of illustrations to the "Divine Comedy". In our company you can rent cars with driver Mercedes Sprinter 16-19 seats, Mercedes V-class for 7 seats, Mercedes VIANO and VITO for 4-7 seats. There are also cars of representative and business class Mercedes E-class, Mercedes S-class, Mercedes-Maybach, Audi A8, Mercedes GL. All transport is offered with experienced drivers, we appreciate the experience and punctuality in everything. Call us by phone 8 981 700 86 00 and book cars with a driver or send an application to us by e-mail

Dear friends and guests of our city! Again in St. Petersburg spring, a wonderful time of outdoor recreation with relatives and friends. In suburbs of our city there are a lot of beautiful places. It is possible to go to Losevo, there is a rope park, for those who love active rest, it is possible to be alloyed on Losevsky thresholds. In Korobitsyno excellent recreation facilities and the smart nature with own beach. And it is very simple to reach there. Call us by phone 8-981-700-86-00 and rant a car with the driver. In the EasyMuve company the huge choice of cars, our drivers with an experience more than 10 years. Book the minibus Mercedes Sprinter on 16-20 of seats, the minivan Mercedes VIANO on 5 seats, Mercedes VITO or Mercedes V-class on 7 seats, the Yutong bus on 35 seats, the bus Higer of 47-55 seats. All cars in property of the company, in an excellent state and with the conditioner, perfectly is suitable for rest in the country. We can send the application to e-mail 

Spring in St. Petersburg - a great time, that would visit different museums. When it was sunny but not warm enough, that would be a long walk on the street offer this weekend to send the temples of our city. We have a lot of them. Visit St. Isaac's Cathedral, where you will see more than 300 figures covered with gold, which are located throughout the temple, the famous columns were installed by special technology, you can lift to the colonnade and view all the charms of the city from a bird's eye view. View the art of Byzantine mosaics in the church you can Savior on Spilled Blood, which was built on the site of the deadly wound of the Emperor Alexander II. In our company you can rent a minibus with a driver. Call us on +7 981 700 86 00 or send an e-mail to We offer to rent minibuses Mercedes Sprinter for 16-19 seats, minivans Mercedes VIANO and VITO for 4-7 places.

In this day, the springtime ed

All flowerses, smiles to You!

CHtob sadnesses You did not know,

Even light sadness shade,

CHtob always eye shone,

And in this day not only!


Let always feminine day does not end,

Let sing in Your honour streamlets,

Let sun You smile,

But men You present the flowerses.

Spring came to our city! This year, St. Petersburg, met the residents and visitors in the spring of warm weather. And that means it's time to get out on the street, to meet the new discoveries. In honor of our company makes discount on the reservation of transport with a driver. Our company has its own huge park vans, minivans, buses and cars business and economy class, such as, Mercedes Sprinter at 16-19 seats, Mercedes VIANO / VITO for 4-7 seats, Yutong 35 seats, HIGER on 47-54 seats. All you need is to gather the company of family and friends, and we will provide excellent service and pleasant atmosphere. Book or order a car with a driver you have to site or by phone +7 981 700 86 00.

Dear friends,

Please accept our sincere congratulations on the 23d of February – a holiday of courage, valour, and honour!

Irrespective of being at the military duty or engagement into civil duty, with his labour increases the wealth and glory of great Motherland.

On the Motherland Defender’s Day please accept our wishes for good health, success, and well-being. Let not the weapons but a constructive dialogue, mutual respect and accord solve all disputed issues in this world!

If you want to see one of the original festivals of Russia, then you should visit Russia during the Maslenitsa Week. Maslenitsa is one of the Orthodox Church favorite and merry festivals. Maslenitsa is a preparation for Lent week. Meat is traditionally forbidden but fish, diary and butter are allowed. The Russian word for butter is “maslo” hence it appears Maslenitsa. Maslenitsa is the time to say farewell to winter and hello to the coming of spring. In heathen beliefs hot yellow pancakes symbolized the sun. From high antiquity the Slavs made blini (the Russian for pancakes) as symbol of the sun and they believed in eating the pancake to eat a bit of the sun. There are special programmes for visitors to allow them to feel this old original festival deeply in many towns of Russia. In our company, by tradition, you can rent a comfortable minibus with a driver Mercedes Sprinter on 16-19 seats, Mercedes Vito | Viano for 4-7 seats. Book cars with drivers by phone 8 (981) 700-86-00 or e-mail to fax a request for
Dear honeymooners! Winter is in full swing, but very soon there will come the hottest wedding season! Preparing for a wedding is one of the most enjoyable moments in this event, and in this it is treated with special care. The Company EasyMuve ready to provide you with great cars for the newlyweds white. At us you can rent a car for a wedding with the business and executive class driver. A book a can have right now: Mercedes W212, Mercedes W221, Mercedes W222, Mercedes GL, Mercedes-Maybach, Audi A8. Our cars are very popular among honeymooners and are always in demand. They are great for traveling around the city and wedding photo shoots, as in the photos look great.

Most recently in our city passed 1 All-Russian tournament "Junior" football school. Our company has received commendation from the International Network of children's football school "Junior" after working together. In its turn we are always happy to provide services and to get experience of working together. Thank you for your positive feedback. We hope for further cooperation. Regards, team EasyMove!

Dear guests and residents of of Northern capital, the New Year holidays have passed, but in our city every weekend are various events and activities. This week, January 27 - one of the most important and crucial days in the history of Russia. That same day, the blockade of Leningrad was completely removed in 1944, and the city began to return to normal life. In honor of the great holiday of January 28 on the stage of the Philharmonic will perform jazz music Leningrad Dixieland - one of the most distinguished jazz bands in the country. For those who like walks on the roof, this weekend will host Winter Festival "Mulled wine on the roof." There you can admire the views of St. Petersburg, to make incredible photos and enjoy a drink. In the Company EasyMove you can always rent minibuses Mercedes Sprinter for 16-20 seats and go to a big company for a walk on the night Petersburg. Rent a minivan with driver Mercedes VITO or VIANO for 4-7 seats and family go to a concert in honor of lifting the blockade of Leningrad. At any time, you can book a car with a driver at +7 (981) 700-86-00 or leave a request by e-mail

Dear residents and guests of our city! Company EasyMove congratulates Baptism of the Lord! The day when you can test your willpower and strength of mind, plunging headlong into the icy water in the hole, comes in 2017 on 19 January on Thursday. It is believed that the water in this day takes on a special force that keeps the whole year and transfers to persons, animals and even inanimate objects for the duration of his life.

Tell us a little about the tradition. Healing power of baptismal water becomes light after its priest. Then in the waters taken to cut through a hole - Jordan - in the shape of a cross and a dip into it. In addition Baptism celebrate the holiday table, which remains lean. Be asperged holy water taken home, while leaving open the window to evil could get out of the house on the street. Holy water helps to cope with illnesses, ameliorate the condition many diseases, cleansed spiritually stronger, tempered, wash away the sins. Because many believers are trying to join the established tradition and take a dip in an ice-hole on Epiphany. The problem is usually complicates the already difficult winter in Russia - as a rule, on Epiphany frost grows stronger.

Broad Russian soul not scare lots of holidays. The custom to celebrate the Old New Year and rallying for the holiday table, give gifts, to congratulate loved ones there, not only in Russia but also in many other countries. EasyMove Company congratulates all on this wonderful winter holiday. Let the coming year waiting joyful thoughts, deeds and caring, full of energy, dreams come true, and plans are not feeling happy. We wish to overcome any difficulties and if there are no miracles - will make them yourself!

Take from the company EasyMuve most sincere congratulations on the coming holidays - Christmas and New Year!

We sincerely wish that in 2017 filled your life happy events, new joyful emotions and pleasant meeting. Let it will be a year of success for you, prosperity, conquering new heights and execution of the most cherished dreams!

Good health to you and your family, the warmest of relationships, well-being and harmony throughout the New year!

The New Year eagerly await children and adults. Traditionally, we believe that as the New Year meet - so spend it. Well, the New Year chimes battle is less than ten days, and ahead of - the last weekend of the year. How to spend them? We have for you some interesting ideas that will save you from melancholy and depression. In this last New Year's Eve weekend, almost all recreational activities are devoted to the main event: the coming New Year. The weekend will remain cloudy and unusually for the winter quite warm weather. The best time for walking in the park and winter activities with family or friends. In our company you can always rent a car with a driver Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes E-class, Mercedes S-class, Mercedes GL, Audi A8. So take skates and forward toward adventure! 

Dear guests and residents of the city, outside the winter, the time of fairy tales and miracles. If you do not know what to do at the weekend in the winter, and you think that it is best to stay at home, then you are absolutely wrong! Winter - a magical time of year to spend time with your family outside the city! At us you can always rent a minibus Mercedes Sprinter 16-20 seats or minivan Mercedes VIANO/ VITO for 4-7 seats and go to a wonderful winter walk through the suburbs of our endlessly amazing city. Even all the familiar places, such as Pushkin and Peterhof will appear before you in a new light. Our company has a huge selection of cars with driver for rent, so you can choose for themselves the most comfortable option. Order or book a car, you can at our site or by phone +7 (981) 700-86-00.
With the coming of winter in our city event to start the event season. Since St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia, and in the winter we do not cease to amaze different events. During the second half of December, every inhabitant of Petersburg and guest will have a unique opportunity to travel back to three centuries ago, to learn how to spend their free time in the XVIII century, and join the ceremonial ball. If you have in the closet for a long time waiting in the wings finery in the fashion of the previous years, you can wear it safely and to gather the ball, which will take place in "Alexander receiving" the Gatchina Palace. The EasyMove company offers to rent comfortable minibuses Mercedes SPRINTER 16-19 seats, minivan Mercedes VIANO or Mercedes VITO for 4-7 places, buses HIGER for 47 seats or YUTONG for 35 seats.

In St. Petersburg, winter came again! If you don’t know how to spend their free time in the weekend, and all the usual entertainment already tired, consider the opportunity to admire the snowy sights of the city and surrounding suburbs. Transport Company EasyMove ready to rent you comfortable minibuses Mercedes Sprinter at 16-19 seats, buses Yutong for 35 seats and Higer on 47-55 seats, to be useful and interesting to spend time. In addition to vans and buses, in our park, you can see other cars, such as Mercedes or Mercedes VITO VIANO, which, after all, are better suited for a family holiday!

   Be sure to book transport to our company and to arrange a mini tour, you will spend unforgettable time and get lots of positive emotions.

In the coming days in our city in all shopping centers will be held - Black Friday. In this regard, all the fans to buy and buy a lot of - have a unique opportunity to purchase items at great discount prices. Black Friday - a global sell-off, which is traditionally carried out a few days, and allows customers to save well, gaining Items with stunning discounts. Many stores are trying to participate in this "race", offering the customer the best of its range. So if you consider yourself an avid shopaholic, we advise you to use the service rent a minivan Mercedes VIANO or Mercedes VITO with a driver, as it is designed for 4-7 seats and has a large trunk where you can put all your purchases. If you think that a minivan you will be a little to take away acquired, you can always order a minibus with a driver Mercedes Sprinter by 16-20 seats, then you just do not have to worry about how to get home. 

Dear customers! We remind you that the coming time to corporate parties. Our company opens a book and offers special rates for our customers. Transport Order for corporate - one of the most important New Year Affairs. If you want to go out of town, it would be the best solution, as we transport in place convenient for you and at the appointed time. If you want to celebrate in the city, you can enjoy conveying a minibus or minivan after the event. Our company has a large park of own cars, vans, buses and minivans. We are always happy to provide you rent the necessary transport. Here you can take in  rent the Mercedes Sprinter  for 16-20 seats, Mercedes V-class 7 seats, Mercedes VIANO / VITO 4-7 seats, Yutong with 35 seats, Higer on 47-55 seats.
The most sinister night of the year is approaching. Dress up in costumes of monsters, cast out evil spirits, and we dance till the morning on the colorful festival in October. Halloween - a holiday, which is more than 1000 years. It is the most mystical day of the year. And not in vain, because the celebration of All Saints Day has already become a good tradition. It was at this time opens a portal to the magical world of evil witches and good fairies, gloomy vampires and ghouls, the world where they live all known to you the myths characters, stories and movies - angels and devils, elves and dwarves, knights and pirates, Beauty and the Beast, vampires and their fragile victim. And they are all circling in a dance under the bewitching music, the inflowing straight from the misty pit. And you can rent a car with a driver in our company, Mercedes S-class, Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes E-class, Mercedes GL, Audi A8, to have time to visit different places. Also, at us you can rent a minibus Mercedes Sprinter for 16-20 seats, minivan Mercedes VIANO | VITO for 4-7 places, Mercedes V-class 7 seats, buses Yunong with 35 seats and Higer to 47-54 seats.
A stay in Paris very soon it will be possible without leaving Petersburg. Charming atmosphere of the French capital along the banks of the Neva create musicians, singers and actors. The creative space 'Tkachi' from 21st to 23 October will host a festival of French live music and arts "Parisian Autumn"! On the shore of the Bypass channel will bring together musicians, singers and actors, performing in French. Visitors experience the atmosphere of the fall of Paris, full of charm, a special aesthetics and love. It will sound like a traditional Parisian chanson, classic works of French composers and pop hits. Art lovers will appreciate the exhibition of paintings by Mikhail Shemyakin "Belly of Paris". It will be a teleconference, a solo performance without cost and without binding the French capital, shops with souvenirs, jewelery and beauty studios. Tired of walking will be able to relax in the café and enjoy European cuisine and Easymove company will take you where say. We offer to rent cars with driver Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes S-class, Mercedes E-class, Mercedes GL, Audi A8. You can also rent a minibus Mercedes Sprinter 16-19 seats, minivans Mercedes VIANO-VITO 4-7 places or Mercedes V-class 7 seats, buses Yutong for 35 seats and Higer on 47-54 seats.
At the height of the autumn want more heat and light, and colors, bright sunny days. In the Botanical Garden of Peter the Great will be held a large exhibition of orchids with a romantic name "Pieces of the rainbow", which will be held from 29 October to 13 November. At the threshold of winter, treat yourself and your loved ones a bright event this autumn. Rent cars representative class Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes S-class, Mercedes E-class, Mercedes GL or Audi A8. Also in the company EasyMove you can book and rent a comfortable minivan Mercedes VIANO 5 of seats, Mercedes VITO by 7 seats or Mercedes V-class 7 of seats, minibuses Mercedes Sprinter 16-20 of seats, buses Yutong with 35 seats and HIGER on 47-53 passenger seats.

Dear Olga! Thank you so much for the wonderful service provided by your company the driver was excellent a very good driver and very helpfull when I return to St.Petersburg I will definitely be booking a car from you again thank you!

Best regards,

Mr. Stephen Fraser-holmes!

Came the golden autumn, and it's time to go to the park for a walk and enjoy the last warm days. The EasyMove company offers to rent comfortable minibuses Mercedes SPRINTER 16-19 seats, minivan Mercedes VIANO or Mercedes VITO for 4-7 places, buses HIGER for 47 seats or YUTONG for 35 seats. As for the romantic walks and business travel, we offer for rent cars business and comfort class Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes S-class, Mercedes E-class or SUV Mercedes GL. Our drivers with experience more than 10 years, always ready to accompany you on any trip. For example, there Pavlovsky Park in the Leningrad region. It is said that God created man in his own image and likeness. Looking at the Pavlovsk Park, you realize that a person can really be like God in their creations. About this park many times wrote poets and writers, architects and ordinary travelers. Anyone who has ever been here, wants to come back here again. And this is true: all its beauty will not see right away, and even per dozen visits, because the park covers an entire six hundred hectares. And every corner designed elaborately, with love and talent. No wonder the Pavlovsk Park is the most beautiful in its landscapes in Europe.
Kronstadt is a district of St. Petersburg, located on Kotlin Island in the Gulf of Finland. City of Kronstadt was founded in 1704 and is one of the most well-known small and medium-sized historic cities in the country and has an outstanding historical and cultural heritage. Its history is inextricably linked with Peter I.  The historical part of Kronstadt Kronstadt fortress and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the object Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and related complexes of monuments. In Kronstadt, more than 300 monuments of history, culture and art. Unique hydraulic and defensive structures, beautiful buildings and ensembles, such as the fort Kronshlot complex Gubernia houses of the early 18th century, the world's first Canal-Dock Peter the First, a sample of the military camp of the 18th century, the Naval Cathedral of the early 20th century, the construction of which used techniques construction of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, and other monuments attract the attention of many tourists. EasyMove Company invites everyone to visit this unique city. Rent minibuses Mercedes SPRINTER on 16 and 20 seats, minivans Mercedes VIANO and Mercedes VITO for 4-7 of seats, buses YUTONG with 35 seats and HIGER on 47 seats. For smaller companies, and romantic walks we offer for rent Mercedes E-class, Mercedes S-class, Mercedes-Myubah, Mercedes Gl, Audi A8.
You can not just pick up and close the fountains in Peterhof. Each year, the ceremony was converted to the idea that the transition days for winter mode of turned into a real celebration. This time, the organizers have prepared in the Lower Park is something special and the promise that the show in the first half of September will exceed all expectations. Of courseby tradition, you will find a fascinating show of fountains, but apart from his theatrical performances will be held at Peterhof, costumed performances and musical performances under the title "The Soviet Hollywood." At the end of the sky over this amazing place explode salute of thousands of bursts. To see the beauty of your eyes can be anyone, and we will help you get to Peterhof from anywhere in the city! Hurry to book a car with a driver, because left quite a little time. Rent minibuses Mercedes Sprinter 16-20 seats, minivans Mercedes VIANO or Mercedes VITO for 4-7 seats, comfortable buses Yutong 35 seats and HIGER on 47 seats on the HIGER.
In our country, every year on September 1st is celebrated holiday of the Day of Knowledge. It got its name due to the fact that is the first day of autumn, when the new school year starts in all schools as well as secondary and higher education institutions. The Day of Knowledge - a holiday for all pupils, students, their parents, teachers and lecturers. But most of all he enjoyed by those who to this day for the first time goes to school. It can be said that on September 1st for the first-graders and freshmen start a completely new life. This day is very exciting and memorable for them. Hurry to rent minibuses Mercedes Sprinter for 16-19 seats, minivans Mercedes VIANO-VITO for 4-7 seats, buses YUTONG for 35 seats or HIGER on 47 seats. We also offer to rent cars Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes S-class, Mercedes E-class, Mercedes GL, Audi A8.
An endless, it would seem the summer comes to an end. Do you all had to do? Everywhere there to visit! Our company offers to go to Losevo village and spend the last weekend of the summer actively! Russia's largest artificial the threshold is located on the Karelian Isthmus. This place is suitable for an active, family and boating, it attracts many fans of extreme sports. Losevsky the threshold is located on the Vuoksi River, known for its wide and unhurried passage. When decided to connect the water channel Sukhodolskiy Lake Ladoga formed rapid current. Artificially dug channel has expanded and developed into a turbulent river. So Losevsky threshold has been formed, unfit for shipping, but over time has become a place for extreme water sports and tourism. In our days Losevsky the threshold has become a quite popular place, where you can practice rafting, rafting kayaking, participate in fun competitions on rafting and fishing ad libitum. Take your friends and call us. We are pleased to bring you to this place, and you do not have to worry about parking and where to put personal items, fishing rods and equipment. Rent comfortable minibuses Mercedes SPRINTER 16-19 seats, minivan Mercedes VIANO or Mercedes VITO for 4-7 places, buses HIGER for 47 seats or YUTONG for 35 seats.
Hooray!! In our company the replenishment! New luxury Mercedes-Maybach. This luxury car. Perfect for a business trip, a wedding or a romantic evening. In the car for the second row passengers are provided folding tables, individual monitors multimedia system and its own climate control. This the car is perfect for long trips. Rent a Mercedes-Maybach and you will no doubt surprise surrounding his personality. As our company has a number of other models are not least comfortable Mercedes S-class, Mercedes E-class, Mercedes GL and Audi A8.
This year, St. Petersburg is full of festivals. The holiday not spoil the meat!! In a country resort "Golden Valley" will come true connoisseurs of summer pleasures to make kilograms of fresh meat and vegetables in a delicious treats. Spend the weekend in good company, good food and fun heartily invite organizers barbecue Fare & Meat Festival, which will be held from 12 to 14 August in the country resort "Golden Valley" in the village Korobitsino. Go there is not near, but our company offers you not to worry about it and gather your friends and rent a comfortable minibuses Mercedes Sprinter (16-19 seats), or mini-vans Mercedes VIANO and Mercedes VITO (4-7 people). You no longer have to worry about parking and you can drink a glass of wine without thinking about who will lead the car. For loving couples we offer to rent a Mercedes S-class, Mercedes E-class, Audi A8 or Mercedes GL and our experienced drivers will be happy to accompany you on this trip.
At the beginning of August in the Northern Capital will be held on the feast of health, beauty and sports! The festival invited stars and experienced athletes. There will be several zones: the health zone, sports area, beauty area. Planned master classes and lectures, sports activities and dance, performances by top DJs! At the festival, you can visit the CrossFit lesson and yoga, and more. You just need to gather a company and book our minibus Mercedes Sprinter 16 and 19 seats, minivans Mercedes VIANO and VITO 5 and 7 seats, buses HIGER to 47 seats and our experienced drivers will take you to the place. You do not have to worry about parking and where to leave your things, as the driver will wait for you as you need.
The company EasyMove invites you to visit the festival "Night of Light" in Gatchina, which will be held July 30th at the Palace Park Museum-Reserve "Gatchina". This year, the Gatchina Palace be fulfilled 250 years. The "Night of Light" Gatchina park for a few hours will turn into a magical land ─ amazing and beautiful, it is a real celebration of light and music, complete with laser show, pyrotechnic accompaniment and theatrical performances. A fabulous open-air play of light, fresh air and a summer night will give all visitors a lot of pleasant sensations and new experiences. We offer a friendly company to come and to rent vans Mercedes Sprinter 16-20 seats, a family-friendly to rent a minivans Mercedes VIANO and Mercedes VITO for 4-7 seats, and for tourist groups offer to rent a large comfortable air-conditioned buses HIGER 47 seats. If you are alone, or you two or three come we offer to rent cars Mercedes E-class, Mercedes S-class, Audi A8 or SUV Mercedes GL for 7 seats.
The company EasyMove congratulates all seafarers and their families on the Day of the Navy. On Palace Square 24 July at 19:00 will be held a concert "Blue Eternity" dedicated to the 320th anniversary of the Navy of the Russian Federation. The concert will feature well-known Russian artists: Nikolai Baskov, Polina Gagarina, Alexander Rosenbaum, and many others. The parade dedicated to the Day the Navy of Russia, will take place 31 July in water area of the Neva River. It will involve 16 ships and vessels of the Leningrad naval base of the Baltic Fleet. In honor to its place back to repair Cruiser "Aurora", which is one of the symbols of the northern capital. Cruiser Aurora in St. Petersburg - the legendary warship moored at the Petrogradskaya waterfront. On the ship is constantly carried combat service mariners of the Navy. In our company you can rent a minibus Mercedes Sprinter 16-20 seats or minivan Mercedes VIANO-VITO 4-7 seats with a personal driver.
The news for fans of social networking and more! 16 and 17 July in St. Petersburg will be held the festival VKontakte «VK Fest». Open Air festival in St. Petersburg will bring together users, community and social media star. Organizers will build a social network in real life: for two days waiting for the guests of the festival seventeen zones, more than three hundred sites, top fifty artists on three stages and beloved community. In two days of summer "Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg" will turn into an animated prototype the VK where the community will become real clubs, record - favorite performers on stage, and mark "I like" turn to live emotions and smiles. Especially for larger "communities" EasyMove company offers for rent comfortable buses HIGER for 47 person, vans Mercedes Sprinter on 16-19 seats, minivans  Mercedes VIANO for 5-6 people and Mercedes VITO for 6-7 seats.
In the breeding season of bridges Petersburg becomes even more attractive. Summer - a good excuse to enjoy the nightlife in St. Petersburg romance in a comfortable environment. Our company offers you to rent a minibus Mercedes Sprinter for 16-19 seats, minivan Mercedes VITO 6-7 seats or Mercedes VIANO  4-5 people, Mercedes V-class and drive past the main attractions of our city: Isaac Square, sphinxes at the Academy of Fine Arts, Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, the Peter and Paul Fortress. For lovers of romance we offer to rent a Mercedes GL, Mercedes S-class, Mercedes E-class and Audi A-8.
Scarlet Sails - a celebration of graduates of the St. Petersburg school, usually celebrated on Saturday, the longest of the White Nights. This year's festival will be celebrated on June 25th in exactly 22:00. Festival is held in two stages: a concert on Palace Square and the grand musical multimedia show in the Neva River, which is accompanied by large-scale fireworks. The main theme of this year – Bridge. And not only because St. Petersburg associated with beautiful bridges. The bridge - a symbol of the transition from carefree childhood into adult life. The main sensation of pyrotechnic show will be the Troitsky Bridge. A multimedia show will start at 00:40. The organizers have prepared a lot of surprises.
The best time to holiday in St. Petersburg  is summer, or better yet the end of June. At this time, you can to observe the phenomenon of the "White Nights". You can walk though until the morning on deserted streets, watch the night life of the city, enjoy views of the old architecture, watch how ships pass along the Neva River. Our company is ready to offer you for rent Mercedes-Benz E-class or Mercedes-Benz S-class with a driver for a walk on night city. During of the White Nights in the city goes a lot of different events and festivals. For example, on the territory of Peter and Paul Fortress passes "Festival of Sand Sculptures"
On the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland there are the magnificent city of Peterhof - one of the most interesting suburbs of St. Petersburg. Every year, in May, in Peterhof going large-scale event - the opening of the fountains. This year 21th May celebrated the 70th birthday with postwar start fountains. Peterhof is filled with locals and tourists from around the world. The artistic image of the city is formed with the participation of great masters and architects. If you have not had time to visit this beautiful place, you can do it with us.
Our company congratulates all residents and guests of our city from 9 May! This holiday - a special for each person in our country. The greatness of of the Victory and the bitterness of the losses in our country have touched every  family. On this day, want to congratulate not only of those who gave their life in the fight for the cause of peace, the fight against fascism, not only those who went  through the war and brought the Victory on his shoulders.
As part of the charity event, our company "AUTO-Izyumoff" received gratitude from the St. Petersburg public organization of invalids "Profession" for help in organizing charitable festival with gifts for children with disabilities in the children's camp "Green light"
Attention! Attention! City dwellers! With the arrival of spring nature blossoms in our city. Near the town of Gatchina is a small miracle of nature. There from under the ground has a real Geyser, with the height of 1.5 meters. The water is not hot, and the healing it cannot be called. If you don't know how to spend a weekend with the family  this route is for you. Finding them is not so easy, but our experienced drivers will help you.

Dear guests and locals of St. Petersburg! If you are bored with the traditional tour of the historic city center, and you want to learn something new and interesting about our city and its surroundings, visit unusual places, we can offer you an exciting adventure through mysterious lighthouses, which are located near the St. Petersburg. You probably did not think that an ordinary lighthouse can have a rich history and hide its secrets.

Dear customers and partners! Our company wishes you a Happy New Year! We wish prosperity and happiness in the coming year! Career success, the implementation of all the planned goals and fulfillment of dreams! We hope for further fruitful cooperation! Regards, Go to Russia!

Today is Catholic Christmas eve and our company would like to congratulate all who celebrating this holiday today! Traditionally a Christmas is celebrated in a circle of relatives and friends, so we wish that this night you will surrounded by dear people.
We invite everyone to take part in an unusual and creative event that will be held in our city in the near future. Very soon, all creative people, designers and other lovers of antiques collectors gather at the fair "Neva Treasures." If you want to take part in this event and meet wonderful people who in their lifetime can collect matchboxes, we can offer you to rent our cars with the driver in St. Petersburg.
If you want this autumn was the most vivid and memorable, our company offers you to visit the festival "Japanese Autumn in St. Petersburg" and bring to the everyday routine bright Japanese motifs. "The Japanese Autumn" will finish only in the end of December, and you will be able to become not only the audience, but also a full participant in the event.
If you want to experience the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, and to see for the life of knights, visit the event, touch the antiques. All this you can do by visiting the 8th festival of military and historical reconstruction "Nevskaya Zastava", which will take place in the village of Otradnoe, not far from St. Petersburg. You can book buses and vans Mercedes Sprinter with driver and go to the event.
If you are planning to visit the city in the coming days, you can always rent a minibus or a van with driver in St. Petersburg. In our city there are many activities that you can visit.
In the coming weekend will be magical and unusual show aerobatics air group "Russian Knights". All those wishing to have a unique opportunity to rent a minibus Mercedes Sprinter 16-20 seats and go to stagger the imagination show in the Gulf of Finland.
Company Goto-Russia invites everyone to visit our beautiful city. In St. Petersburg, you will find many interesting places, but it could be at different ends of the city. So you can rent a car with a driver in our company and access to all your locations easy.

Citizens and guests of our city will soon be able to visit the festival icebreakers. At the heart of our city will gather four huge icebreaker: "Moscow", "St. Petersburg", "Krasin" and "Ivan Krusenstern." If you want to take a tour on board the ship, you can use the service minibus hire with driver Mercedes Sprinter in St. Petersburg, and for large groups of tourists we can offer rental of buses with a capacity of 35-55 seats.

In the near future in our city will be fair "4 Seasons", where you can buy handmade jewelry and clothing. If you are planning to attend this event, you can rent minivan in St. Petersburg, Russia. Or rent a Mercedes with a driver.

Very soon the day will come when all the lovers in the world will be able to openly express their feelings! If you are in love, you, of course, you want to make surprise your sweetheart.

Our company is ready to offer you rent a car with a driver and have a romantic trip in our city. Cars of our park are perfect for a romantic rendezvous, and you will instantly be able to fall in to the romantic mood.
Dear customers! New Year holidays come to the end, but that's no reason to be upset, because the new year opens up new opportunities. If you love to travel, now is the time to plan a trip on spring holidays and summer.
Dear tourists and visitors of our city! If you've always wanted to visit our city, and you have not had the opportunity, now you have this opportunity! Due to the current economic situation in our country, when the exchange rate is growing, and the prices in our company remain the same, you have a unique chance for the lowest prices  visit St. Petersburg and use our services.
St. Petersburg - Capital of Culture! And it is difficult to argue, because our city is almost saturated with cultural spirit, it is not surprising that for Cultural Forum 2014 was selected our city. The III International Cultural Forum ended recently, which was held from 7 to 9 December. And participants were provided with business and executive class cars, which were ordered in our company.
Our city is a favorite place for different events, and this time is no exception. These days our city waiting for visit of vip guests from friendly states. Many members who occupy a leadership positions in Commonwealth of Independent States will gather at the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of CIS Member States (IPA CIS). Therefore, our company is pleased to provide an executive class car for hire with a driver for such events. CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly is formed in accordance with the Agreement on the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of States.

If you love to eat, and consider yourself a foodie, or want to discover some new dishes and tastes. That November 15, you can visit the restaurant day in St. Petersburg, which will be held in various parts of the city. You can gather all your friends and rent a Mercedes Sprinter minibus with driver and go on the culinary scene. 

Today, the most ominous night of the year! All evil spirits come to the streets of the city. Therefore, we propose to rent a car with driver to get away! Here you can order a car with a driver for every taste, it can be Mercedes S-class W 222, or hire a Minibus Mercedes Sprinter, to a great company to deal with creepy zombies.

Dear tourists and favorite clients! Now is the hottest time of the year and the most suitable to get an unforgettable experience, so our city is trying to entice all fellas to his unusual ideas and activities that you can satisfy your need for the aesthetic field and get enough of the cultural gifts of the city. Every year, the organizers try to surprise the audience and come up with new tricks and apply the most advanced technologies to create a particular perception of reality.

Dear customers and visitors of our city! Just the other day  we got 6 new vans Mercedes Sprinter to our car fleet. Now in our park is 70 transport units. To your event with us you can order Mercedes Sprinter on 20 seats, you can also rent a Mercedes Sprinter Lux with comfortable leather seats, microphone, and air conditioning.
Dear guests! If you are going to visit Saint-Petersburg in this summer and don’t want to pay a high price for a car. We are lucky to offer you economy class car with driver from 400 rubles per hour. If you need transfer to/from airport you may get it for 1200 rub. Our drivers will meet you in airport, seaport or railway station with nameplate and will drive to your destination.

Soon in our city will be the next international economic forum. St. Petersburg is becoming one of the favorite venues for events of this level because it will be the 18th meeting. During the forum in our city will bring together representatives of different countries, which will cover issues on different areas of economic activity on the further course of development and cooperation.

In St. Petersburg, there comes one of the best seasons for tourist trips . Our attractions awaits its viewers. If you plan to visit St. Petersburg this year you will find many interesting things!

This summer in St. Petersburg for everyone will be presented a lot of interesting events. All theater venues , other venues and art spaces will introduce new programs that will not leave anyone indifferent.
Dear guests! We welcome you in St. Petersburg! St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia and Europe with great historical heritage.
We provide car hire service with driver, so you will be never lost. All our driver are well skilled, they know the city really good with all traffics so you will be never late.

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