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18 01

The Baptism of the Lord 2017!

Dear residents and guests of our city! Company EasyMove congratulates Baptism of the Lord! The day when you can test your willpower and strength of mind, plunging headlong into the icy water in the hole, comes in 2017 on 19 January on Thursday. It is believed that the water in this day takes on a special force that keeps the whole year and transfers to persons, animals and even inanimate objects for the duration of his life.

Tell us a little about the tradition. Healing power of baptismal water becomes light after its priest. Then in the waters taken to cut through a hole - Jordan - in the shape of a cross and a dip into it. In addition Baptism celebrate the holiday table, which remains lean. Be asperged holy water taken home, while leaving open the window to evil could get out of the house on the street. Holy water helps to cope with illnesses, ameliorate the condition many diseases, cleansed spiritually stronger, tempered, wash away the sins. Because many believers are trying to join the established tradition and take a dip in an ice-hole on Epiphany. The problem is usually complicates the already difficult winter in Russia - as a rule, on Epiphany frost grows stronger.

In St. Petersburg, it is planned to cut through more than 20 holy fonts. Plunge into them will be on the night of 18 on 19 January. Rent a minibus Mercedes Sprinter for 16-20 seats or minivan Mercedes VIANO / VITO and our drivers will be happy to accompany you. You will be able to leave the warm clothes and warm up after swimming a cup of tea, as you do not have to worry about parking. Call us at +7 (981) 700 8600 and book a minibus with a driver!

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