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16 02

The Maslenitsa Week!

If you want to see one of the original festivals of Russia, then you should visit Russia during the Maslenitsa Week. Maslenitsa is one of the Orthodox Church favorite and merry festivals. Maslenitsa is a preparation for Lent week. Meat is traditionally forbidden but fish, diary and butter are allowed. The Russian word for butter is “maslo” hence it appears Maslenitsa. Maslenitsa is the time to say farewell to winter and hello to the coming of spring. In heathen beliefs hot yellow pancakes symbolized the sun. From high antiquity the Slavs made blini (the Russian for pancakes) as symbol of the sun and they believed in eating the pancake to eat a bit of the sun. There are special programmes for visitors to allow them to feel this old original festival deeply in many towns of Russia. In our company, by tradition, you can rent a comfortable minibus with a driver Mercedes Sprinter on 16-19 seats, Mercedes Vito | Viano for 4-7 seats. Book cars with drivers by phone 8 (981) 700-86-00 or e-mail to fax a request for
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